SKT. Annæ NO. 01 Fall/Winter 19 - Side 23

Family voices
Family voices
At Hotel SKT. Annæ, we have many great personalities in our different departments, and
common for every staff member is that they are experts in delivering excellent service.
Meet our staff and learn what makes them individually great.
Breakfast waiter
Agnieszka Sala
Agnieszka has worked at the hotel for 6 months as a
waiter in the breakfast restaurant. She is originally
from Poland and has been living in Denmark for 6
years. She loves to read books and to be creative
making pottery.
"I think the atmosphere in the hotel is very
special. When I first came here, I thought it was
very luxurious. I instantly felt as a part of the
family, and the very cosy atmosphere.
This is a small hotel and the staff is most of the
time the same, so you really feel as part of the
same family, and also the guests are very kind
and very often they come back. I feel at home
here. Everyone is friendly and smiling.
Every morning looks almost same but every
service looks completely different every day, and
every day you don't know what to expect. You
don’t know at what time the guests are coming,
or if they are coming all at once. But I like when
it is busy and I feel the adrenalin, and I know
that I have to prepare everything. When I see
that we did a good job and the guests are happy,
that is the best part of my job."

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