SKT. Annæ NO. 01 Fall/Winter 19 - Side 7

Meet & Greet
A New Beginning
Claus Hildebrandt, Owner Hotel SKT. Annæ
Since 2013, Hotel SKT. Annæ has been
owned by the Hildebrandt family who,
from the beginning, has had a clear vision
of what kind of hotel they wanted to
create. The city of Copenhagen, its atmosphere, colours and history, has been
the major source of inspiration for the
owner, Claus Hildebrandt. He wanted to
create a space that is, like Copenhagen,
full of history, life and coziness.
One of the hotel's two well preserved
original atrium courtyards.
How did the idea of bringing Copenhagen in
to the hotel come about?
The lounge area in Hotel SKT. Annæ is
decorated by the Copenhagen based
design duo Space Copenhagen.
"When you travel around the world, you travel
to a city to experience that city and learn what
makes it special. You want to taste its flavors,
get to know the people, learn about the culture,
and experience the atmosphere that the city
holds. This is what has inspired our hotel,
guests should be able to experience the
atmosphere of Copenhagen both outside and
inside the hotel. The hope is that guests are
able to feel this strong connection between the
hotel and the city"

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