SKT. Annæ NO. 01 Fall/Winter 19 - Side 9

Meet & Greet
How does the connection to Copenhagen
manifest itself in the hotel?
"The references to the city is really everywhere
you look in the hotel. The buildings in
themselves carry such a rich history as they
date back more than 100 years. Our long table
in the atrium courtyard is another example of a
piece of history kept and renewed to fit a
modern present time. The tabe is made by
Thors design, and is made from upcycled wood
from the old Nyborg habour. We also have
specially made lamps, which are made from
original drawings of the first streetlamps in
Copenhagen. When the first gas lamps were
swaped for electric ones back in the days, my
father bought a large amount of the original oil
streetlamps. Amazingly, so many years later, I
was able to find the original drawings and use
them to have a few reproductions tailormade
specially for this hotel."
ZUSA is a Copenhagen based street
artist, who despite his diagnose with
multiple sclerosis, continues to
decorate the streets of Copenhagen
with his colourful tag.
How is the fact that it is a family owned hotel
Another way in which Hotel SKT. Annæ brings
Copenhagen inside is the two artworks in the
atrium courtyards, made by the acknowledged
street artist Anders Thorsdal, who is also know
as ZUSA.
"We had the priviledge of having ZUSA make
two artoworks for each of our two atrium
courtyards in the hotel. ZUSA has come to
represent the streets of Copenhagen, and this
is very much in line with the athmosphere that
we wish to create in the two courtyards."
"It is our hope that guests are able to instantly
sense the uniqueness of our hotel, and that it is
fully its own. We also have paintings hanging
around the hotel, which has a connection to
both the reknown Danish painter Vilhelm
Hammershøi, and to my family. The paintings'
aesthetic is inspired by Hammershøi who often
portrayed the characteristic buildings of
Copenhagen. This way, you can say that the
paintings are part of the story about Copenhagen that we wish to tell our guests. The
paintings excude the atmosphere, which
Hammershøi created in his art, and I think it is
fun to be able to tell a little story with these
paintings. And then there is the fact that it is
my family who are portrayed in the paintings,
which is of course also part of the story as we
are a familyowned hotel." - Claus Hildebrandt.

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