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General information
Dear Exhibitor,
It is important that you read the following carefully before exhibiting at Odense Congress
Center. “General information” and “Rules and guidelines 1 – 4” are designed to ensure all
exhibitors enjoy the best possible conditions during a fair. The exhibitor bears full
responsibility for conscientious compliance with both the general rules and any special
rules that may apply to the fair in question. None of these rules can be disregarded without
the prior written consent of Odense Congress Center.
Access to the exhibition area
During the fair, stand personnel in possession
of an exhibitor’s card have access to the
exhibition area one hour before and after the
official opening hours of the fair.
Odense Congress Center publishes a leaflet
about facilities for exhibitors and visitors alike.
If special catering is desired at the stand,
please get in touch with our chef directly to
discuss the options. Tel. +45 6556 0100.
We recommend that you carpet the stand
area, which will otherwise be naked concrete.
For orders of carpet for the stand, the price
includes laying and covering with plastic
sheeting. Removable carpet tape can be
purchased from Technical Services.
It is the responsibility of exhibitors to clean
their own stand area and to remove all rubbish
during the construction and take-down
If you have any complaints about services
provided by Odense Congress Center, these
must be submitted to us in writing before the
fair closes. Complaints cannot be accepted
Construction of the stand cannot begin any
earlier than the time stated in the exhibitor
Construction rules
Please read our “Rules and guidelines”.
You are welcome to contact Technical
Services if you have any questions. We
recommend you submit drawings of your
stand for approval.
You are permitted to bring and use your own
carpet. Please note, however, that you will be
billed a disposal fee (calculated per m2),
should you fail to remove it after the fair.
Covering stands
Please read the enclosed rules from the
Fire Service.
Using your own carpet requires a valid fire
safety approval from the authorities.
Deliveries to the stand at the fair must be
labelled/addressed as follows:
If the exhibitor uses tape different from
tape demanded by the hall, it is
responsibility of the exhibitor to remove
carpet and the tape used. Otherwise,
carpet and tape will be removed at
exhibitor’s expense.
Cleaning the stands
OCC ensures proper cleaning of all common
areas during the fair – hallways, entry points,
toilets and dining spaces.
Name of the fair
Stand No.
Company name
c/o Odense Congress Center
Ørbækvej 350
DK-5220 Odense SØ
Please note that we will not sign for
deliveries; we will merely direct the haulier to
the location of the stand area.
Odense Congress Center Ørbækvej 350 DK-5220 Odense SØ Tel. +45 6556 0100 E-mail:

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