Menu UK April 2019 - Side 1

We recommend 3-4 dishes for dinner.
All dishes costs 110 kr.
Smaller dishes
Miso marinated cod with horseradish and fermented cabbage from Søsted
Pumpkin bisque, shrimp, turnip and kale
Beef tartare with mushroom mayonnaise,
pickled mushrooms and lingonberry
Grilled tofu in dashi, confit egg yolk and ”herb”
Salt baked celeriac with smoked cod roe, apple and wasabi
Free range chicken with beets from Søsted, sesame and pickled king trumpet mushroom
Free range pork from Grambogaard, Asian barbecue and crispy rind
“Gammel Knas” , fermented pear, Jerusalem artichoke
Donut with browned butter, hazelnut and buckthorn
Apples from Lille Ø with vanilla ice cream and crispy sourdough
Please inform us about any potential allergens.
We accept credit cards and mobilepay, but we do not take cash.

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