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Rules and guidelines 1 - 4
Rules for use of the stand area
The right of utilisation cannot be loaned or hired to others.
The exhibition stand must be completed and exhibited items must be in place at the
times stated before the fair opens, and take-down is not allowed until the exhibition
closes. The exhibition stand must be open and manned throughout the fair period.
It is not permissible to place products, decorations, fixtures, etc., in the gangway and/or
free areas.
Odense Congress Center has exclusive rights to serve food and beverages within the
exhibition area. Samples can only be handed out with the prior approval of Odense
Congress Center. This is because Odense Congress Center is responsible for ensuring
compliance throughout the exhibition area with the laws and regulations of the
authorities, including environmental and hygiene requirements pertaining to food
regulations and licensing laws. Accordingly, it is only permissible to establish serving
areas for food and beverages at the stands after obtaining approval from Odense
Congress Center and in line with its specification of requirements. This way, you and
your company are automatically covered by the Odense Congress Center spirits
licence, and we have ensured compliance with the rules governing the storage and
serving of foodstuffs. Exhibitors must not sell food or beverages under any
circumstances. Please see section 4.
The stipulations of the Danish Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs concerning
participation in exhibitions must be complied with. Rules and guidelines established by
the Danish Working Environment Authority and any other public bodies must be
adhered to closely. Personnel from these bodies must have unrestricted access to the
stand area and their instructions must be followed.
Insurance: Odense Congress Center does not accept any liability (whether direct or
via insurance) for the equipment exhibited. We recommend exhibitors get in touch with
their own insurers with regard to insuring their own items or hired items on display.
Please also note that commercial liability, corporate and transport insurance only
includes loss or damage in transit, during unloading and loading, as well as simple theft
during the fair, by special agreement. In addition, it is a requirement of all commercial
insurance policies that working (hazardous) exhibition items be specially guarded.
Exhibited machinery, systems and devices of all kinds must be equipped with the
prescribed safety components, whether or not they are in operation. All connections to
power and/or compressed air must be in accordance with applicable norms.
Demonstrations that produce dust, smoke, steam, odour, gas, etc., may only go ahead
provided that there is effective removal of this pollution.
Odense Congress Center Ørbækvej 350 DK-5220 Odense SØ Tel. +45 6556 0100 E-mail:

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