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HXD (T) - Unique decoration method - Add dimension to a logo - Perceived value of Embroidery combined with colour range and detail of True
Edge Transfer - Durable - Available for a wide range of garments - Max print area: 100 x 75 mm
LASER ENGRAVING (HG) (T) - Create a high-class impression - Unique tone on tone - Best on mid-range colours - Unlimited washability
PADPRINT (HG) - Great all round cost effective solution - Can be applied on virtually any shape - Suitable for any surface texture, including soft
products like stress balls - Perfect for multi coloured logos - Fast and economical
DIGITAL PRINTING (HG) - Perfect for multi coloured logos - Create a unique effect with matt, gloss or embossed finishes - Strong resistance to
fading or damage - Ideal for small quantities - Can only be applied to flat or slightly curved surfaces
DEBOSSING (HG) (T) - Striking 3D appearance - Subtle tone on tone look - Great for real and imitation leather products - Ideal for waterproof
fabrics - Unlimited washability
DOMING (HG) - Create a 3D effect - Strong resistance to fading or damage - Can only be applied to flat surfaces
EMBROIDERY (HG) (T) - Classic decoration technique - Suitable for both flat and irregular surfaces - Tread colours to match any logo - Up to 12
colours per embroidery - Perfect for left/right chest and left/right bicep
INFUSION (T) - Create an untouchable decoration with razor sharp detail - Offers a comfortable, breathable decoration - Offers unlimited
colours for one set up
(TRUE EDGE) TRANSFER (HG) (T) - Ideal for fabrics - Perfect for logos with many colours - Allows for extreme detail like small text - Economical
solution for multi colour printing or smaller quantities - Maintains integrity of waterproof fabrics
SUBLIMATION (HG) - Premium full colour photorealistic prints - Suitable for polyester fabrics (minimum 60% polyester) and polymer coated
products - Soft, flexible imprint that can even be applied over seams and zips - Decoration is resistant to fading and cracking - Only suitable for
white products
SCREENROUND (HG) - Long lasting results - Apply sharp, high quality decoration on curved products - Economic choice for large quantities Multi colour decoration available on a selection of pens - Ideal for text
HOTSTAMPING (HG) - Exceptional superior impression - Ideal for real and imitation leather product - Available in silver and gold finish
SCREENPRINT (HG) (T) - Long lasting results - Good cost effective solution for larger quantities - Allows single and multi colour decorations Great choice for a distressed look and feel - Can only be applied to flat surfaces
DIGITAL STICKER (HG) - Excellent print quality and details - Regularity of sticker shapes - 50cm2 max size - 4 days lead time from e-proof


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