PF Concept Profil - Side 430

Moisture management is achieved at
the Yarn stage, where the microfine
yarns create s capillary action to
channel sweat away.
Stay warm and feel comfortable with
a breathable insulated membrane, and
resistance barrier to extreme elements.
Fabric is engineered to prevent
Products allow moisture to escape
from the body.
Unique yarns or fabric finishes that
transport moisture to the outer
Seam sealed: Permanently covering
the inner seams with waterproof tape
for long lasting waterproof protection.
Fabric surface us treated to repel
Integrated hood that can be folded
and stowed away in the collar.
Fabric or garment has been treated
during manufacturing to minimize
shrinkage during washing.
A special finish used on fabrics that
resists a wrinkled appearance after
washing many times.
Protect yourself from wind and rain.
This technology offers complete
comfort in a variety of conditions.
YKK® zipper used in the garment.
YKK® is the worlds leading zipper
brand and represents high quality.
Fabric content provides stretch
allowing for a more comfortable fit.
Products made of waterproof
materials to keep moisture out.
Not too tight. Not too loose. Classic
cut that follows the shape of the body
with ease of movement.
Fabric finishes are used to resist
moisture penetration.
The product’s ability to block cold air
flow from permeating the fabric.
Generous cut with added ease
allowing for loose comfort.
Product helps prevent wind from
Product provides protection from
UV rays. UPF value represents the
fractional amount of sun’s harmful UV
rays that pass through a fabric.
More fitted waistline and an overall
tighter fit, which accentuates the
body shape.
Inside opening for easy decoration
The skilful blending of natural and
man-made yarns results in fabrics that
have easy care properties.
Slightly looser than the regular fit for
added comfort.
A treatment applied to fabric that
resists the formation of little balls or
pills on the surface of the fabric.
Unique finish that controls bacteria
growth, prevents odours and
maintains garment freshness.
This product meets the standard of
Industrial Laundry ISO 15797.
Integrated hood.
3 Layer bonded: Three materials of
differing characteristics, are joined
together, creating a composite fabric
with superior performance.
Hood that can be removed.
Product engineered for custom
interior branding.


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