02 skoleblad 19 - Side 9

3 months in Trongårdsskolen
Hallo! Ich heiße Moritz und komme aus Österreich. Ich will Volksschullehrer werden und studiere nun ein Semester in Kopenhagen.
In the course of my internship in this beautiful school I had the opportunity to
follow and teach German classes with Anette, Music classes with Mette as well
as Sports with Bjarke. Due to a heart-warming welcome by all and an all-round
support of Marie-Louise I felt straight like a colleague. Thank you for that!
I wasn’t only observing but got many opportunities to teach. The German classes
were always a lot of fun; likewise, it was a total new and interesting experience
to teach my mother-tongue as a second language. One of the highlights to me
was the running day in Dyrehaven on the day the autumn vacation started. I
utterly enjoyed Music with the first grade on Tuesdays as I love the subject and
adored the class; I chose this to become my focus point for the semester. The
time went way to fast and I’m almost on my way back home to Graz.
I hope to see you all again anytime soon! Farvel.


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