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Pre-testing / training
Athletes are not allowed to pre-test or train on the Nordic Race course
and / or obstacles prior to the specific event. Athletes are allowed
examining the course / route and plan actions, but rehearsals are considered a no-go.
Check-in & EWA
Elite participants must use the elite tent / elite waiting area (EWA) for
check-in, which is located on the event area (made visible with a sign
saying “Elite”). This applies to both elite and elite qualifiers. In the EWA
the elite manager and competition referee will execute the pre-race
briefing for both elite and elite qualifiers. The timetable for check-in
and briefing is ready one week prior to race day and will be send by
e-mail, as well as additional information concerning the event.
Our elite manager will execute his briefing approximately one hour
prior to the first heat being sent off. The briefing should be considered as something that supports the rulebook, not a substitute. Read
the rulebook thoroughly and pay extra attention to the briefing, as it
contains valuable information concerning the specific event, weather
details and the like. The briefing will take place in the EWA. Timings as
mentioned above.
Participants who wish to run as an elite at our event, must apply for
a spot by filling in an application according to previous endeavors
and results, as mentioned in ELITE at our webpage. The spots will be
distributed based on these applications two weeks before the event.
Elite applicants are divided into four groups: elite; male / female and
elite qualifier; male / female.
There is a maximum of 50 participants in each elite heat.

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