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When we say we operate hotels
sustainably – we mean it!
At Zleep Hotels, we work hard to make sustainability a central aspect
in all our business activities. We incorporate sustainability at existing
hotels, at the headquarter, in new hotel projects and in all our business
processes. We do this because we are responsible for taking better care
of our environment. We truely believe that we can make a real difference
by focusing on sustainability.
To shortly summarize a few projects:
We serve organic products to give you healthier options and
we reduce our food waste by purchasing products such as
butter, cheese and toppings in single wrappings.
By improving durability we ensure less food waste.
We insist on using sustainable products and demand
the same from our partners and suppliers. We choose
sustainable building processes and materials when building
new hotels and when renovating existing ones.
We use environmentally friendly products evey day.
In all rooms, there is organic soap and shampoo, and we
use various packaging with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.
Plastic bottles are being replaced at all new hotels with
drinking water stations, where cold water can be drained
into environmentally friendly bottles.
Our main focus is to give all guests a good night’s sleep. Therefore, we have furnished all
rooms with a quality bed as well as duvets and pillows with allergy friendly natural filling.
Our linens are always washed without perfumes and chemicals and they always go through
a laundry service where water consumption and power are greatly reduced. A guest has
expressed the following after at night at Zleep Hotels:
Thanks for a relaxing stay and a good bed to sleep in. Duvets as well as linens were
extremely comfortable, and I enjoyed lying in a fresh bed, without fragrance from perfume.
- Claus Vitting, guest on Zleep Hotel Copenhagen City


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