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Enjoy our delicious and organic
Scandinavian breakfast buffet
It is important to start the day right, which is why we serve a good and
healthy breakfast buffet at Zleep Hotels. When choosing products
from our buffet, you are guarenteed between 30 and 60% organics.
On other words: Organic food is not only available for guests at
exclusive hotels.
The breakfast is Scandinavian and in the buffet you will find warm
bread rolls, assorted cold cuts, eggs, yoghurt, cornflakes, müsli,
pancakes and much more. To drink, we offer coffee, tea, cocoa,
juice, milk and water. There is truly something for everyone taste.
We continuously work on improving the buffet and the selection of
organic products. The selection may vary from season to season.
Our breakfast needs to be purchased seperately, giving you the
opportunity to decide whether you wish to eat at the hotel or
elsewhere. However, our breakfast is recommendable.


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