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Substrate Technology
Diamond Tooling & Chemicals
STI Spin Burnishing Pads
• Exceptionally great for maintaining polished concrete
• Diamond-impregnated natural hair pad - for more aggressive polishing
• Use on high-speed burnishers
• Pad life is in excess of 20,000 SF (2,000 M2)
• Can be run wet or dry
STI Cash Dots
• Used for restoration and polishing of concrete oors
• Can be run on auto-scrubbers, burnishers, or swing machines
• Made of rubber pad, resin diamond pads adhered to front, and velcro backer
• Life expectancy: 9,000 SF (900 m2)
• Always use water with CASH dots!
STI Cash Maintenance Pads
• Excellent for light-use polishing maintenance
• Use on auto-scrubbers and swing machines to remove dust, dirt, and resin swirl
• For concrete, terrazzo, and marble oors
• Life expectancy: 15,000 SF (1,500 m2)
• A 3-step system used with water
STI EZ Polish
• Ready-mixed polishing paste for terrazzo, marble, and limestone oors. Ideal
for a oor maintenance program.
• Aids in water and stain resistance
• Increases density of surface
• Easy-to-use, non-etching, in non-noxious odor
STI EZ Seal Plus
• Penetrating Stain Protector Plus Color Enhancement
• Formulated to protect interior and exterior surfaces
• Coverage ranges from 750-1250 SF (70-116 M2) per gallon on polished surface
• Porous surfaces may need two applications
• Easy clean-up

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