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Concrete Preparation
Consolideck First Cut
• Minimizes scratches created during lower-grit diamond tooling steps.
• Makes post-grinding clean-up easier.
• Lifts and suspends slurry solids away from diamond tooling, allowing for faster
bulk removal of concrete surface during grinding, increasing efciency.
• Extends the life of diamonds and shortens the project time line.
Consolideck Cure and Seal Remover
• Removes high-solids cure & seals from concrete atwork.
• Works quickly.
• Does not affect concrete color.
• Contains readily biodegradable materials.
Consolideck Cleaner / Degreaser
• Quickly cuts and emulsies all types of grease and oil.
• Removes many adhesives and paint residues.
• Concentrated for economy. Dilute with 4 to 200 parts water.
• Low-hazard. Low toxicity. Nonammable and water soluble.
• Contains readily biodegradable ingredients
Consolideck Oil and Grease Stain Remover
• Works on old, deeply-set stains.
• Easy to use. No mixing or scrubbing needed.
• Works on concrete, pavers, block, stone, tile and brick.
• Leaves no residue. • Removes motor oil, brake and power-steering uids, antifreeze, hydraulic uids, cooking oils, food grease and other oil-based stains.
Consolideck Safetch
• Proven effective for removing common construction soiling, including mortar.
• Replaces traditional mineral and organic acid products.
• Removes eforescence on decorative paving treatments.
• Non-fuming and environmentally responsible.
• Will not harm most cleaning equipment or metal surfaces.

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