DiamondHardCatalogue (1) - Page 29

US Saws
Surface Prep Equipment
TC-7 Edger
• Stand up edge grinder designed for grinding and polishing concrete surfaces near
walls and vertial surfaces
• Multiple handle controls allows user to tilt head from side to side and front to
• Variable speed attachment available
Ultra Vac 1250
• 220 CFM, 110" lift
• Dual motor, 110 Volt 17 Amp. 12.5 Gal dust bin
• Super heavy duty. Almost indestructible polyethylene body
• Manual lter clearing mechanism
5" Metabo Variable Speed Grinder Package
• 5" Metabo variable speed grinder.
• Convertable shroud / hub
• 4.5" 9 segment cupwheel included
5" Crackchaser Tuckpoint Assembly
• 5" crack chaser assembly with Metabo 8 Amp Electric Grinder
• Cut and clean random cracks in concrete before lling
• Polycarbonate dust collection shroud has 5 year warranty against dust abrasion
•Metal blade guard for safety
One-Man Polymer Pump
• New design allows for one man operation
• Unit comes with 1:1 ratio but 2:1 component ratio is available
• Lower tanks make for easy lling
• Dedicated storage area for generator or battery
• Enclosed box for tool storage

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