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Midwest Rake Concrete and
Coating Tools
Magic Trowel Smoother Threaded Handle
• Used to smooth the surface of applied cementitious overlays
• Effective tool capable of creating a awless surface
• Sizes Available: 12", 18", 22", 24", and 26"
• Threaded handle to attach to desired pole
Sled Style Gauge Rake
• Able to ride over rough surfaces
• Any depth with one tool with adjustable height design
• Sizes Available: 24" and 36"
Sherlock 18" Wide-boy Frame
• Sherlock Wide-boy frame adjusts to all roller covers from 9" to 18"
• Rigid durable steel frame with threaded handle adapter
• Lightweight. Weighs less than one pound
Sherlock 9" Roller Frame
• 9" Sherlock frame contains quick release spring that prevents roller slippage
• Polypropylene grip with threaded handle
• One of the best roller frames on the market
Chip Brush
• Ideal for cutting in around corners and edges
• Disposable and economical brush

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