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Ardex Patching Compounds
Ardex Feather Finish
• Provides a smooth surface prior to the installation of oor covering over a
variety of substrates
• Exceptional bond strength
• Install oor coverings in as little as 15 minute
Ardex Moisture Resistant Feather Finish
• Suitable for use under moisture control systems and moisture resistant
adhesives and ooring
• ARDEX WeatherProof Technology
• Rapid-drying - install oor coverings in as little as 30 minutes
Ardex SD-M Microtopping (Grey / White)
• Use over concrete, terrazzo and ceramic, quarry and porcelain tile
• Can be used to create a burnish-polished surface on indoor concrete
• Can be used as pinhole ller for polished concrete and ARDEX Polished
Concrete Systems (APCS) applications
Ardex SD-P Ramping
• Ideal for ramping, patching large areas and screeding
• Ready for oor covering in as little as 90 minutes
• No primer required over concrete
Ardex TWP Exterior Vertical Skim Coat
• Use for lling and smoothing interior and exterior vertical concrete or masonry
• Easy to mix and apply
• Hardens quickly without shrinking

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