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Potential for growth is immense and there are a number of factors to consider when acquiring your cask:
• Princetown is the first and only distillery to be built on Duchy Land and the largest commercial scale
distillery project in the country.
• T
here are already four major drink brands/manufacturers (which we cannot publish yet) looking to
acquire Princetown distillery as an internal investment – such is the scale and importance.
• Brand and product association to Duchy Landowners and HRH Prince Charles will reflect extremely well
on future valuations, as can be seen from similar bottles on sale ‘now’ with provenance.
• There are no restrictions on where this Single Malt can be stored, making them popular
to overseas collectors.
• C
onditions on Dartmoor are primed to produce the ‘highest’ quality Single Malt Whisky - the distillery will
stand at more than 400 metres above sea level (the highest in the UK); comparable in height to the finest
Japanese whisky distilleries. The distillery is also ideally situated at the very start of the Tamar river and
East Dart river and will draw from its own ‘Grade A’ peat on site.
• T
he equipment being used to manufacture the whisky is ‘5 star’, e.g. The stills used by Princetown will be
the exact same size and type used by the famous Glenfarclas Distillery. The Mash tonne has been brought
in from Malta and is the best Mash tonne money can buy.
• Master Distiller David MacDonald (Ex Diageo/Glen Livet) will be at the helm. Bottles of 14
year old Glen Livet produced by David currently sell for up to £500 a bottle...
• Princetown will be the biggest distillery tourist attraction in the country and an iconic landmark.
Ac qu ir ing , r e s e rv in g a nd selling yo ur C ask ( s)
Prices may increase quite dramatically as interest gathers from local/national press and they focus on the
entire project (we are working with national press now) and as the build nears completion in June 2020.
Investors will inevitably pay higher premiums for the early casks as the investment becomes more mature
and the building is complete. In any case we would charge 15% of any profits only (not of the gross sale
amount) made on exit. So you will make 85% tax free.
Review the Princetown Distillery Exclusive brochure.

Make Reservation with a £100 deposit and will provisionally allocate a cask number to you.

ithin 24 hours your administration is generated, confirming your cask types, numbers
and reference details

Payment of your final balance is then made to Princetown Distillery directly, not to Spirit Traders Ltd.

receipt of final balance Princetown Distillery will send confirmation of payment and will issue your
official certificate of ownership.
We look forward to hearing from you with any questions you may have.
Yours sincerely,
The Spirit Traders Team
Tel : + 44 (0) 23 3870 4360


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