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Single Malts
Apart from Princetown, Scottish Single Malts account for 85% of our business.
The Spirits Business:
Macallan sets new £942 per bottle record for a Cask that was sold for
only £2500!
The Insider:
Rare Bottle sales hit 100,000 for first time and average bottle prices up
by 26.24%
Press and Journal:
210 bottles of the Speyside whisky have released for sale with a
recommended price of £17,500
The Express:
How whisky has become a better investment than gold
Purchasing casks from Scottish distilleries and storing them in bond is a great way to watch
your money grow over time. Price increases are inevitable i.e. if you purchase a new fill cask
of Single Malt Whisky and wait 3 years, it will increase in value – fact.
We help you to acquire the right casks (that become assets in your name/company name)
and store them securely in bond together with 3 years storage & insurance (included in the
cost). There is nothing more complicated to it than that.
As your cask(s) sit securely in bond or at the distillery you can expect:

A fully managed service focused on maximising your return on investment,
in conjunction with the Invest Safely Initiative.

Projected returns of 11% - 18% p.a.

In some cases a “Broker Buy Back Guarantee” with returns of 9% p.a.!

An Asset that is FREE of capital gains tax as it is deemed a ‘wasting asset’ by HMRC.
Capital gains tax exemption explained: A wasting asset is an asset with a predictable life
of 50 years or less. Unless you have, or could have, claimed capital allowances for it (which
you have not), any gain on the disposal of a chattel which is a wasting asset is exempt from
Capital Gains Tax. Source: HMRC Click here to view.
However, our advice to clients is not to buy and sell more than 6 times a year as it may
be seen by H.M.R.C (or your respective country tax authority) as trading and you could
lose the tax benefit.
When it’s time to buy - there is a non-refundable fee of £100.00 per cask to cover essential
administration and in-house compliance. On receipt of final balance your cask is then
transferred to you.
When it’s time sell - we will look to our network of buyers to realise your asset within 48 hours
– that’s your exit. At this point we charge you 15% of your profit, so it is in our interest to make
the right recommendations to you in the first place.


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