Long Range Plan - GESD41 - Page 10

Chapter Title
The District 41
The following pages outline the District 41 Model of the structures in place to support teaching and learning.
The critical attributes of our District 41
planning structure are:
• Alignment to standards.
• A deep understanding of our students.
• Teachers as thinkers and learners.
• Our ability to differentiate instruction
to allow students to be the problem
solvers of tomorrow.
We start with the end in mind, and use
backwards planning to innovate, take
risks and engage students in inquiry
through a problem-based learning
approach. Through an in-depth analysis
of the standards, authentic problems
emerge that allow our students to study,
examine and attempt to solve real
Our planning sessions use a collaborative
approach that allows educators to focus
on creating deep understandings so that
students can use what they’ve learned
with confidence, connect their learning
to the real world, and recognize concepts
when they encounter them in a different
Professional Learning,
and Professional Learning
Our educators are intellectual and
reflective practitioners who engage in
professional learning experiences.
Learning is at the core of our educators;
we continually have a thirst for
knowledge, a desire to improve our
craft, and a drive to help our students
grow as learners. Our Professional
Learning Communities know that
the classroom is the heart of inquiry
and reflection. We will deliver
professional growth opportunities
that are differentiated, authentic,
rigorous, and engaging.
Leadership Plan Aligned to Goals
All professional learning promotes and
supports the instructional model.


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