Long Range Plan - GESD41 - Page 11

The District
41 Model
• Ensure all students meet the standards for scientific
inquiry, engineering and technological design.
• Expand opportunities that already exist in school, district
and state; learn from existing models and continually
seek, research, and analyze new models and programs.
• Emphasize cognitive abilities and skills as learning
outcomes (example: What is your evidence for your
explanation? What alternative explanations have you
heard from your team?).
• Include literacy and mathematics as part of all intentional
learning outcomes.
Professional Learning Communities
The Professional Learning Community (PLC) structure
is central to more than one component of the District 41
Model. It is where teams do much of their planning, it is
where they learn from each other to hone their craft, it is
where they can develop PBLs and strategize differentiation,
and it is where they can decide what they will look for as
observable indicators of success
D41 educators differentiate instruction to meet the learning
needs of all students by:
• Facilitating learning in and out of their classrooms using a
variety of internal and external resources such as industry
partnerships, authentic field experiences and technology
to connect with the world outside of the classroom.
• Demonstrating innovation daily in their teaching and
modeling the integration of theory and practice.
• Providing authentic feedback and constant opportunities
for students to apply their knowledge and skills to
authentic situations.
• Seeking critical feedback about their pedagogy from
peers, administrators
and students.
• Supporting and encouraging students through the trial
and error involved in the learning process (promoting


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