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Long-Range Plan
Long-Range Plan Explained
The Long-Range Plan guides our work as we align our resources to achieve the Strategic
Priorities set by the Board of Education. The plan publicly proclaims our commitment to
these priorities and the measures by which we hold ourselves accountable.
The Board of Education has established seven Strategic Priorities as the most critical
objectives in meeting our Mission and achieving our Vision. Strategic Priorities, Indicators
of Success, Key Performance Indicators, and Action Steps will be used to establish our work
and budget priorities each year and will serve as the framework by which to determine the
success of the District into the future.
Elements of the Plan
Strategic Priorities
The Board of Education identified six Strategic
Priorities to guide the work of the district.
Indicators of Success
The Indicators of Success were created by the Board
of Education to further describe the main themes to
be embedded in our work toward realizing the seven
Strategic Priorities.
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
KPIs are measurable values that demonstrate how
effectively District 41 is achieving the goals defined by
the Strategic Priorities.
Action Steps
The Action Steps are the activities that will take place
across the district that will propel us to achieving the
goals defined by the Strategic Priorities.
Student Profile
As a part of the process to create the new Long-Range Plan, the
district developed a profile of a District 41 student. We believe by
achieving the goals of our Long-Range Plan the intended outcome
will be the attributes we hope that every student attains while
learning, growing and achieving in Glen Ellyn School District 41. Over
the past year, Superintendent Gordon worked with groups across the
district including teachers, staff and parents to help create the profile.
Finally, he surprised a couple of 8th grade classes with an activity to
learn directly from them! The students shared their thoughts and
engaged in deep conversation around the challenges they face as a
generation and the qualities and skills they feel a student their age
needs to succeed.
Each of the characteristics of a District 41 learner represent a key
attribute we will foster to ensure student success in school and in life.
These characteristics are built upon from the first day our students
start their education experience in District 41 schools.
Student Attributes
I am kind.
I am collaborative.
I am curious.
I am a critical thinker
and problem solver.
I am educationally
I have a growth mindset.
I have a global


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