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Long-Range Plan
District 41 is also committed
to Professional Learning
Communities (PLCs). PLCs
are groups of teachers who
come together to gather
evidence of student
learning, analyze data,
and make adjustments
to instruction to meet
the needs of all learners.
PLCs create action
plans for students who
are not on track for
meeting their targets
and for those that
have already mastered
identified targets.
The Teaching and Learning
Department (TLA) and the
Building Leadership Teams at
each school offer professional
development opportunities to support
classroom teachers’ implementation of
technology in the classroom to enhance student
learning through the SAMR model. Digital Literacy
Specialists provide students and staff with learning
opportunities to support appropriate, ethical and safe
use of technology and online resources. PLCs work to
document and share evidence of highly effective uses of
technology that enhance student learning.
Strategic Priority 1
Academic Excellence – Student Learning and Academic
Achievement: We will create a positive and nurturing
environment which is foundational to student success. We
will enhance and support a culture of academic excellence
while working to close the achievement gap.
Indicators of Success
We will successfully prepare our students for high
school and for an increasingly global society.
Establish and measure KPIs for academics,
social/emotional learning and to close the
achievement gap.
Champion active collaboration among
Technology will support and enhance
student learning.
Key Performance Indicators
Action Steps
Facilities that Enhance
Student Learning
Providing educational space that best supports
6 student learning is an ongoing process that involves
many people from the district
and each of the school
buildings. Building leaders
work directly with the
Buildings and Grounds
and Teaching, Learning
and Accountability
departments to ensure
the best use of space
for student learning
and individual student
needs. An annual
process for assessing
enrollment, program
needs and space
utilization is being created
and implemented. A
committee of staff from
across the district develops a
standard for Furniture/Fixtures
and Equipment (FF&E) to ensure
common school expectations.
The educational environment is extremely
important to learning and District 41 has
maintained the buildings with the children in mind for
many years. Most recently, all portable classrooms were
removed and space was added to the existing buildings at
the elementary schools.
Strategic Priority 2
We will ensure that our facilities accommodate and
adequately support current educational needs and allow
for flexibility to support long-term future needs. We will
continually evaluate facilities and strategically plan for the
maintenance of all buildings and grounds.
Indicators of Success
Evaluate space utilization.
Ensure and evaluate level of safety and security for all
schools including fostering partnerships with
civic agencies.
Implement plans for well maintain
buildings and grounds on a
scheduled basis.
Key Performance Indicators
Action Steps
Finances that
Support Student
Fiscal strength is crucial to the
health of School District 41. With the
development of this Long-Range Plan,
the district now has a budget that directly

Key Performance IndicatorsAction StepsKey Performance IndicatorsAction Steps


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