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Long-Range Plan
connects back to the district’s strategic
District 41 is one of the most
fiscally conservative districts
among area elementary
school districts. The district
manages finances in a way
that provides the best for
students and is respectful
to the taxpayer. The
allocation per elementary
building is $140 per pupil and
$185 per pupil for Hadley Junior
High School. Over the past several
years, the Board of Education Finance
Committee and the district finance office have developed a
five-year plan to prepare for the future.
Strategic Priority 3
We will realize the district’s mission while utilizing
resources responsibly and efficiently. We will be respectful
and mindful of taxpayers by evaluating and prioritizing
Indicators of Success
Establish an annual budget with a five year forecast
to prioritize, cost containment, and use resources
Engage the community relative to
financial priorities.
Evaluate spending for fidelity,
impact, satisfaction, and
Key Performance Indicators
Action Steps
differentiated annual plan to support the Long-Range
Plan based on feedback and input from staff. There is
also specific building based professional development
opportunities to ensure the needs of all staff members are
met to support and enhance student learning. The District
is also looking at new programs such as a mentoring
program for incoming first through third year teachers to
nurture their development and support their understanding
and growth as educators and leaders. As always, we seek
feedback from staff after every professional development
opportunity to ensure the professional development is
meeting the needs of the staff.
The district takes staff feedback seriously and administers
an annual culture and climate survey to learn more
about how to continue improving staff satisfaction.
Administration, staff, Board of Education members, and
community members work side-by-side in the District’s
Teams for Excellence leadership structure. These teams
include Continuous Improvement Team, Team 21 and
Building Leadership Teams to name a few. The District is
intentional about having a fully engaged and satisfied staff
across the district.
Strategic Priority 4
We will recruit, support and encourage retention of
employees at all levels. We are committed to a thriving
work environment that encourages staff learning, growth
and to have a voice in the decision-making process.
We will strive to make District 41 an employer
of choice.
Indicators of Success
Staff is highly engaged in the
work, they are proud of their
work, feel valued, and are
focused on the mission of the
High quality professional
development and mentoring
opportunities are key to our
success. Individuals are taught
the skills and knowledge they
need in order to be successful
in their role.
Dedicated and
Talented Staff
Committed to
Student Learning
District 41 strives to be an
employer of choice with high
retention and a welcoming
culture for all. District and school
leadership continually engage staff
through listening sessions, open office
hours, informational visits, and other forms of
face-to-face conversations. Dynamic staff structures are in
place to share work-related successes, concerns and ideas
for improvement and change.
School Community Culture & Climate
to Further Enhance Student Learning
District 41 staff are committed to being life-long learners.
Professional development is a key focus of the school
district. The Professional Development Team offers a
District 41 is fortunate to have an involved and supportive
community. It takes everyone together to support students
as they learn and grow from year to year. District 41
Provide all teachers opportunities
to engage the district beyond the
Key Performance Indicators
Action Steps

Key Performance IndicatorsAction StepsKey Performance IndicatorsAction Steps


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