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Long-Range Plan
schools make every effort to cultivate relationships and
partner with parents and key stakeholders. The strength
in these partnerships directly support student learning.
Opportunities for parents, community members and staff
to come together are presented annually by the district and
school communities through programs and committees.
Feedback from all of the district’s stakeholders is essential
and gathered in a variety of ways, including parent and
community surveys, during coffees with the Board of
Education and superintendent, listening sessions, and open
office hours at all of the schools. The District listens to this
feedback and makes adjustments to plans and priorities, as
Strategic Priority 5
We will enhance a healthy, productive and collaborative
relationship with school and district stakeholders.
Indicators of Success
Increase parent engagement and ensure they feel
connected to the staff and to the overall school
Continuously improve a welcoming culture in each school
Continuously improve satisfaction among students
parents and staff.
Key Performance Indicators
Action Steps
Community Engagement and
opportunities and producing communications, District 41
administers a survey for all households within district boundaries
to solicit feedback from those who support the school district
through local taxes.
Strategic Priority 6
We will deepen trust with the community members who live
in the over 12,000 households within the District 41 boundaries
through comprehensive and transparent communications. We will
seek input from all District 41 stakeholders.
Indicators of Success
The community is informed about District 41 practices, decisions
and operations.
Enhance the District’s understanding on the various community
perspectives on school district topics.
Improve stakeholder and community pride in District 41.
Key Performance Indicators
Action Steps
Long-Range Plan Accountability
Strategic Priority 7
The Board will be accountable to annually review Strategic
Priorities by monitoring and evaluating quantitative and
qualitative data.
Indicators of Success
Board will set an annual date to review and evaluate data from
Strategic Priorities 1-6
Key Performance Indicators
Action Steps
District 41 is committed to engaging with the community through
comprehensive communications and outreach opportunities. All
of the stakeholders of District 41 have a voice through this work.
Engagement with the community is included in the
Superintendent’s annual goals set by the Board
of Education. Members of the District 41
staff actively participate in community
organizations and events that impact
the community. There are a number
of mutual agreements with
organizations that enhance the
district and community through
shared resources. In addition,
strategic communications
are created to reach all of
the stakeholders such as the
new websites for the district
and schools, official district
social media pages, and a print
newsletter sent to all households
in the district boundaries.
In addition to sharing information
with the community through
participating in community outreach
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information about
the elements of the
Long-Range Plan visit
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Key Performance IndicatorsAction StepsKey Performance IndicatorsAction StepsLong Range Plan


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