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Faculty highlights
HIGHLIGHTS from June 2015 to June 2016
New leadership appointments
Prof Bongani Mayosi, dean of Health Sciences.
Prof Harsha Kathard, head of new Dept of Health
Sciences Education.
Prof Carolyn Williamson and Prof Ed Sturrock,
heads of Depts of Pathology and Integrative Biomedical
Sciences (evolved from Dept of Clinical Laboratory
Prof Keertan Dheda (medicine) led evaluation of a rapid,
low-cost, simple-to-use urine test for TB.
Three simple solutions to prevent heart attacks and
stroke have been proven effective by an international
team led by Hamilton researchers, with the SA
component led by Prof Karen Sliwa.
Prof Karen Sliwa, director of the Hatter Institute, first woman
World Heart Federation president-elect (also first from Africa).
Assoc Prof Mark Hatherill and Assoc Prof Tom Scriba
(director and deputy director, SA Tuberculosis Vaccine
Initiative (SATVI) published work on TB vaccines for
healthcare workers. SATVI also reported discovery of a
TB blood test long before the disease manifests.
Prof Lee Wallis, head of Emergency Medicine, first
International Federation for Emergency Medicine
President from Africa.
Dr Musaed Abrahams (Faculty MBChB graduate)
and collaborators developed an application to assist
healthcare workers guide antiretroviral treatment
Prof Linda-Gail Bekker, CEO of the Desmond Tutu HIV
Centre (DTHC), first African woman International AIDS
Society president.
Prof Linda-Gail Bekker (CEO, DTHC) and colleagues
contributed to multi-country trials on dapivirine vaginal
microbicide rings for preventing HIV infection.
New initiatives
Major research grants
SA’s first hair and skin research laboratory
(with Groote Schuur Hospital).
Cape Universities Body Imaging Centre (CUBIC).
UCT and the University of Washington received a Bill and
Melinda Gates Foundation grant to test a low-cost, simpler
method of diagnosing TB.
Significant research contributions
Assoc Prof Jennifer Moodley (Cancer Research Initiative
Director), Prof Iqbal Parker (integrative biomedical
sciences) and Prof Bongani Mayosi (medicine) received
international Newton Fund grants via the SAMRC.
A study by Dr Llewellyn Padayachy (surgery), with
a leading Norwegian research institute, advanced the
current static imaging method.
Research from the Francis Crick Institute and UCT, led by
Dr Max Gutierrez and Prof Robert Wilkinson (director,
Clinical Infections Diseases Initiative) could explain why
people can be treated for TB hiding outside the lungs,
recover, then get it again.
1 354
Master’s students
Master’s graduates
PhD students
PhD graduates
yet in 1
Prof Lynnette Denny (head, obstetrics and gynaecology)
received a SAMRC Clinical Cancer Research Centre grant
and Prof Heather Zar (head, paediatrics and child health) a
SAMRC Extramural Research Unit.
UCT received 10 National Institute of Health-MRC US-South
Africa Programme for Collaborative Biomedical Research
grants (Prof Carolyn Williamson, Assoc Prof Helen
McIlleron, Prof Janet Hapgood, Assoc Prof Christopher
Colvin, Dr Jo-Ann Passmore, Dr Catherine Riou, Assoc Prof
Digby Warner, Prof Clive Gray, Assoc Prof Elmi Muller and
Prof Robert Wilkinson).
New UCT-accredited research groupings:
Kidney Disease and Hypertension Research Unit
(Prof Brian Rayner).
Neurosciences Institute (Prof Graham Fieggen).
MRC/UCT Unit on Child and Adolescent Health
(Prof Heather Zar).
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in 2014
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Cape Universities Body Imaging Centre (CUBIC)

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