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We are immensely proud of our
researchers and pleased that the
excellence of their research is
recognised every year in a multitude
of awards. The National Science and
Technology Forum (NSTF) Awards, in
partnership with South 32, the Women
in Science Awards (WISA) and the
National Research Foundation (NRF)
Awards are just some of these. In the
last year we have also celebrated the
selection of three UCT researchers
among the 15 Next Einstein Forum
Fellows and five new A ratings.
Professor Crick Lund, director of the
Alan J Flisher Centre for Public Health
TW Kambule-NSTF Award for research
and its outputs over a period of up to
15 years

NSTF Award for engineering
capacity development over the last
five to 10 years
Harrison’s research builds a holistic understanding of
the biology, engineering and bioprocesses, essential
to a sustainable bioeconomy, based on maximising
renewable materials and resource productivity while
minimising waste burden, including wastewater burden.
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NSTF Award for research capacity
development over the last five to 10
Dunsby’s strategy for developing human capital has
over the past 12 years focused on a pioneering initiative
to develop the next generation of astronomers and
space scientists – The National Astrophysics and Space
Science Programme. Read more
Dr Tolullah Oni, senior lecturer at the
School of Public Health and Family

TW Kambule-NSTF Award for emerging
Next Einstein Forum Fellow
Oni’s research aims to contribute significantly to
knowledge on the changing patterns of disease and the
implications this has for the health and well-being of the
population in the context of urbanisation. Her Einstein
Challenge is to establish the Research Initiative for Cities
Health and Equity (RICHE), an interdisciplinary research
programme for urban health research in Africa. 
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Dr Sudesh Sivarasu, senior lecturer,
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Lund’s research has pioneered the development of
mental health policies and services to address the
growing burden of mental illness in South Africa and
other low and middle-income countries (LMIC). Read
Professor Sue Harrison, director of the
Centre for Bioprocess Engineering
Research and DST/ NRF South African
Research Chair in Bioprocess
Professor Peter Dunsby, professor of
cosmology and co-director:
Astrophysics, Cosmology and Gravity
Centre, Department of Mathematics and
Applied Mathematics
TW Kambule-NSTF Award for emerging
Sivarasu has filed four patent family applications and
has three granted patents for medical devices and
several MedTech awards for his innovative medical
devices. Read more
Professor Alison Lewis, dean of the
Faculty of Engineering and the Built

WISA Distinguished Woman Scientist for
research and innovation
Lewis’s longstanding interest in water and water
treatment in an increasingly water-scarce South Africa
led to her research into the treatment of acid mine
drainage. This resulted in a process called eutectic
freeze crystallisation, which converts contaminated mine
water into clean potable water. Read more

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