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Safety Moment
Fall Protection
1. Choose the proper lift equipment.
Making the decision between lifts, scaffolds, or ladders can also determine the different types of fall
protection you need to wear. Whether you are tying off or switching from a harness into a lanyard double check safety requirements for each lift equipment.
2. Remove clutter from your work area.
Clearing your work area of debris, unnecessary tools, or even unused lift equipment can lower
chances of trips or falls.
3. Light your area correctly.
With the amount of daylight hours dwindling, it is important to
ensure your work area has adequate lighting. Having the correct
lighting can prevent potential falls due to poorly lit areas.
4. Inspect your PPE.
Checking your PPE before use can save a life.
Look for frayed areas, missing parts, or even a
defect with your PPE before using.
5. Education is key.
Education is the ultimate key to
success and safety. Preventative measures
can lead to safer methods, proper use of
equipment, and how to prevent falls before they

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