NEW Water - The brand of the Green Bay Metropolitan Sewerage District - 2018 Annual Report - Page 22

Protecting our most
valuable resource, water
With weather events happening with greater frequency and intensity,
addressing infrastructure resiliency is critical for NEW Water to provide
continuous service to our community.
In 2018, heavy rains resulted in excess clear
water from customer communities getting into
the NEW Water system, taking up capacity,
threatening operations and infrastructure. These
events increased water flow to NEW Water by
up to four times the daily average. NEW Water
studied this phenomenon, known as Inflow and
Infiltration, or I&I, through an Interceptor System
Master Plan, which was completed in 2018. The
plan provides valuable data and insight into this
challenging problem, which impacts costs, the
environment, public health and safety.
“Unflushables” continued to threaten the resiliency of NEW Water’s system.
Wipes, dental floss, fats, oil, grease, needles and many other items commonly
flushed down the toilet can cause significant damage to the infrastructure
that keeps water flowing for the community. To raise public awareness,
NEW Water partnered with customer communities in a campaign to “Love
Your Pipes,” and only flush “the 3Ps” (#1, #2, and toilet paper). Learn more
Photo above: Adam Butry (Health, Safety, & Security Coordinator) and Tyler
Kunze (Intern), ensure safety at NEW Water.

Love Your PipesLove Your Pipes


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