NEW Water - The brand of the Green Bay Metropolitan Sewerage District - 2018 Annual Report - Page 3

A Message from the
Executive Director
From Compliance to Innovation
As NEW Water looks back at 2018, we embrace a future
with sustainability principles to propel us from compliance
to innovation. With a proud history of protecting public
health through efficient and effective conveyance and treatment of wastewater,
we demonstrate our commitment to community service through our vision:
“Protecting our most valuable resource, water.” That vision illustrates the hard
work that goes into achieving 16 years of 100% permit compliance at the Green
Bay Facility and seven years at the De Pere Facility.
On the journey to become a Utility of the Future among clean water agencies in
our industry, we have adopted a set of unified organizational cultural attributes:
• Safety is our most important value
• We Respect and value diverse individuals and values
• One Team that communicates openly and honestly while encouraging and
supporting one another in achieving common goals
• Leaders in the Environment always looking beyond compliance
Launched in 2018, our Resource Recovery and Electrical Energy (R2E2) project
moved beyond compliance to recover and reuse valuable resources. The R2E2
facilities generate electricity from digester gas, recover heat energy, and recover
phosphorus in the form of struvite to be reused as a slow-release agricultural
fertilizer. This project was NEW Water’s first significant foray into resource
recovery, and shifted our utility from that of a consumer of resources to a
Through our Silver Creek Pilot Project, which neared completion in 2018, we
learned a plethora of valuable lessons in agricultural best management practices
to give us the confidence to move full scale into an Adaptive Management
Program. This program allows us to achieve permit compliance at a lower cost,
and also yields more benefit for the environment. Working in the 31,000 acres
in the Dutchman and Ashwaubenon Creeks, our program will span 20 years,
and save our customers over $50 million compared to traditional compliance
Collectively, these activities and others provide NEW Water with the solid
foundation necessary to launch the next era in our evolution as a regional clean
water utility.
Like so many utilities in our shared and proud industry, working out of sight
and out of mind is no longer an option. Our communities demand, and deserve,
more. Treading the path to become a Utility of the Future is an arduous journey
requiring great fortitude, perseverance, and introspection. Given the great
responsibility we have to the communities we serve, it is one well worth the
effort as we continue protecting our
most valuable resource, water.
Thomas W. Sigmund, P.E.


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