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35L Portable
Eyewash Station
A secure and cost effective
solution for an eyewash
station where plumbed
water is not available.
PN: SE5000
PN: 5516AS (30L, 1 Door,
1 Shelf, 770mm Height, 515mm
Width, 465mm Depth)
PN: 5517AS (60L, 1 Door,
2 Shelves, 1065mm Height, 515mm
Width, 465mm Depth)
PN: 5535AS (100L, 2 Doors,
1 Shelf, 770mm Height, 935mm
Width, 620mm Depth)
PN: 5530AS (160L, 2 Doors,
2 Shelves, 1295mm Height,
1115mm Width, 500mm Depth)
PN: 5545AS (225L, 2 Doors,
3 Shelves, 1825mm Height,
1115mm Width, 500mm Depth)
PN: 5560AS (350L, 2 Doors,
3 Shelves, 1825mm Height,
1440mm Width, 585mm Depth)
PN: 5560ASE (350L, 1 Door,
3 Shelves, 1825mm Height, 865mm
Width, 865mm Depth)
PN: 5555VS (205L, 1 Door, Roller
Set, 1825mm Height, 865mm Width,
865mm Depth)
PN: 5590AS (425L, 2 Doors,
3 Shelves, 1825mm Height,
1115mm Width, 865mm Depth)
Water Preservative Solution
• Protect against bacteria, fungus, algae,
and other micro-organisms
• One bottle preserves between 23 – 75 litres
of water for up to four months
• Capacity: 236ml
• Sold in box of 4 bottles.
PN: SE4764
Anti Scald Valve Kit
Designed to automatically bleed off
the stored hot water within the safety
shower allowing cooler water from the
supply line to enter and
reduce the water
temperature to
safer levels.
Smoke Stop
• Keep areas clear of cigarette butts
• Polyethylene construction will not rust or corrode
• Design minimises smoke exit and water entry
• Large capacity: up to 15 litres, steel pail holds over
3000 cigarette butts - easily removed, cleaned
and replaced.
PN: 1533
Gas Cylinder and Aerosol Storage Cages
• Yellow powder coated steel construction, suitable for
outdoor environments • Solid steel roof and floor,
with steel mesh sides to provide ventilation • All wall
panels and doors are made of welded steel mesh
within a sturdy steel frame for added strength
• Strong magnetic door catches to hold doors closed
and an eye lug for a padlock.
PN: PSGC4F (4 Forklift Cylinders), PSGC9V (9 G-sized Cylinders)
Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinets
Pratt Indoor Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinets comply with the Australian Standard AS 1940
“The Storage and Handling of Flammable and Combustible Liquids”.
This range of cabinets is for the storage of flammable or combustible liquids as classified by the
United Nations criteria and the ADG Code for Dangerous Goods. These include flammable liquids
such as paints, solvents, petrol, thinners, kerosene, turpentine, white spirits, alcohol and ethanol.
Also combustible liquids such as diesel, linseed oil and pine oil.

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