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We have taken arguably the largest PRODUCT SALE. That key element
market in the world and turned it on is where everything usually falls
its head!
down which is ADVERTISING. A
product advertised continually IS goWe wanted to bring an opportunity to ing to sell and this is why we have a
the masses with a legal business op- portion of profit from every sale goportunity you can feel comfortable ing into an Advertising/Sponsorship
putting your name to, instead of the Pool. Because this pool is shared
thousands of pyramid, ponzi type 50/50 with the person who introschemes on the market online.
duced you then you can then benefit
from their Advertising Pool it
We also wanted to get rid of some is in their best interests to see you
key failure elements with people succeed. So you can be getting adworking from home building a Busi- vertising dollars from the person
above and below you!
The first thing we needed to make
the opportunity totally legal was to
have a physical product which has
a retail and wholesale price. This we
have done.
There are no fancy MLM schemes
here, however we do have one
VERY POTENT feature, which is INCOME SHARE.
This is entirely optional but could imThe second major fall-down with prove your Business dramatically.
people joining Business Opportunities is that they get excited to join You can get started with our
and get caught up in the hype and SPORTS FAN product at under $20
then they get worried about ap- one-off cost + freight and this is so
proaching the people they know, ei- new you could be dealing directly
ther family or friends for fear of los- with the Founder of the Business.
ing credibility.
So, what we have done in our copy- So the top market and brand new!!
written marketing plan is to bring in
one very key element into EVERY More info at


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