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“We want to be the southeast’s top retail natural gas
provider and to provide the best customer experience in
our industry,” he says. “To do this, we’re enhancing selfservice offerings and digital communications that compliments the outstanding service our team members strive
to provide over the phone and online. We want it to be
easy for customers to do business with us.”
Gas South employees view the customer experience
as a team effort.
“Our utility partners, such as Atlanta Gas Light (AGL)
in Georgia, turn natural gas service on and off for customers. When it comes to connecting service, consumer
expectations for speed have increased,” Greiner explains.
“They want short appointment windows and lead times
and expect us to communicate when a technician will be
arriving at their home or business. So, it’s important that
we work as a team with AGL, the Georgia Public Service
Commission (PSC) and the other natural gas marketers to
make improvements in these areas.”
In addition to taking care of customers, employee satisfaction is also an important priority for Greiner and his
management team.
“With employee satisfaction comes customer satisfaction,” he says. “So, we’re focused on continuing to be a
top place to work in Atlanta. We’ve been named a Top
Workplace by the Atlanta Journal Constitution for three
consecutive years and our goal is to continue to move up
in the rankings.”
To reach that goal, Gas South has updated its flexible
work schedules, expanded its engagement and training
initiatives, maintained a $15 minimum wage since 2016,
provided four-week paid sabbatical every five years to
employees, and a company-wide incentive program that
shares its financial success with employees.
“We believe in open-book communication, and we’re
constantly thinking about ways to better engage our
employees to make us better. With employee satisfaction
comes customer satisfaction,” he adds.
Greiner says a third focus for the company is driving
more operational excellence by simplifying the company’s
customer care systems. “Operational excellence is critical
to Gas South’s success to work efficiently, which ultimately enables us to offer our customers competitive rates.”
Giving back to the community is also a top priority.
“We’ve made a commitment to give back 5 percent of
our profits to organizations helping children in need,
with a goal of donating more than $1 million annually to
local charities. We realize that today’s consumer is more
and more interested in what you value as a company
and we value one another. We’ve always believed in
putting people first— our customers, our employees and
our communities,” he adds.
“I’m proud of how we’ve become a more purposedriven organization. Our purpose is to be a fuel for
good. For us, this means caring for our customers and
employees, and elevating our industry and the communities we serve. We strive to put this purpose into practice every day. If a business initiative aligns with this
purpose and makes good business sense, we move forward. If not, we won’t do it.”
Greiner, who believes the most important attributes of
a CEO are to “lead and inspire great people to do amazing
things,” believes strong relationships with employees are
essential to the success of the organization.
The company’s internal employee publication notes
that Greiner “is all about discovering what’s important to
people— starting with never forgetting your name. We’re
not sure how he does it, but we’re glad he does.”
“I participate in side-by-side listening sessions with
our customer service representatives regularly,” He says.
“These sessions allow me to hear what customers are
calling about— and hear about any issues that these
front-line employees may have. After all, part of my job is
to make their jobs easier.”
Greiner also emphasizes two-way communication
with employees through quarterly meetings, where he
provides company performance updates, and entertains
questions. “It’s important to me that those meetings are
interactive, and employees feel free to ask any questions
about where we’re at or where we’re going.”
He also hosts small employee group meetings in a
casual environment to engage in conversations about the
company and to listen to how employees are feeling. “For
an organization to be successful, there needs to be upward
communication,” he says. “I’m passionate about ensuring
that Gas South exemplifies open and honest communication across all levels. These small meetings create a comfortable atmosphere for employees to speak up.”
He explains that the company’s “fuel for good” marketing campaign reflects Gas South’s goal to be more
“We want to make the communities we serve better
and more sustainable from a human development perspective. Our purpose is an invitation— to our customers,
employees and business partners— to join us in the journey to “Be a Fuel for Good.”
“With this,” Greiner adds, “we also announced a commitment to give back 5 percent of our profits to help children in need. It’s a big commitment and we’re excited
about it. It resonates and we’re looking forward to working with partners to make that money and those volunteer hours go as far as possible.” •
Tal Wright is a staff writer for James and InsiderAdvantage.


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