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Gretchen Corbin for two years— TCSG plans to
expand its role in working with business and industry
(TCSG) has long been considered the state’s secret
partners to ensure students are learning the skills
weapon in economic development. Indeed, there’s no
they need to succeed in today’s economy.
doubt it plays an important role. When the state
Department of Economic Development meets with
business leaders considering moving their company to
Georgia, TCSG is right there at the table to explain
“Business is certainly booming in Georgia and we
what it is that they do and how they can help that
are on the front lines all across the state to provide
business address its workforce needs.
varying workforce needs,” Arthur says. “Whether it’s
“Whether through our Quick Start program where
logistical needs in Savannah, cybersecurity needs in
we provide free, customized workforce training for
Augusta, agricultural needs in south Georgia or
new and expanding businesses in Georgia, or via
construction needs in metro
contract training at our 22
Atlanta, we are committed to
local colleges, TCSG works
helping industry succeed by
hand in glove with business
training our students for
and industry,” says TCSG
these jobs.
Commissioner Matt Arthur.
“I also think people’s
“TCSG has trained workers for
perception of technical
companies like Delta, KIA
education is changing and
Motors Manufacturing Georgia,
that’s really exciting,” he said
King’s Hawaiian, Pratt &
in our exclusive interview.
Whitney, Shaw Flooring, Shire,
“While we still offer training
and Starbucks, to name a few.
in the more traditional fields,
I’m biased, but I truly believe
TCSG also offers programs in
Georgia has the best technical
computer programming,
college system in the country.
health science, bioscience,
We provide tremendous value
and cybersecurity— career
to business and industry
areas that many don’t realize
because our sole focus is to
are taught at a technical
teach students the skills for
college. The demand for
success in today’s workplace.”
middle-skill jobs (jobs that
It doesn’t stop there.
require education beyond
Under the leadership of
high school but not a fourTechnical College System of Georgia Commissioner
Arthur— who took over the
year degree) is strong around
Matt Arthur with TCSG’s 2018 GOAL (Georgia
role in January after serving as
Occupational Award of Leadership) winner Crystal
continued on page 41
deputy commissioner under
Wright from Georgia Piedmont Technical College.
Training Students for Jobs
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