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the lowest in nearly 50 years.
ith all the drama and hype around the
Minorities have greatly benefited from the
2020 elections, it is certainly an
new economic policies. The unemployment rate
exciting time to be an American!

for African-Americans, for example, fell to
Although no one can be sure


5.9 percent in November 2018. That is the
about what’s to come, I’ll
lowest rate on record.
share a few thoughts on my views
Additionally, many of the
about Republican Party chances at the
president’s policies have empowered
national and Georgia level.
women. The women’s unemployment
As I have traveled to RNC
rate recently reached its lowest rate in
meetings, hearing the wonderful
65 years. The Small Business
fundraising numbers and learning
Administration lent approximately
about our incredible data programs, I
$500 million more in capital to womenam cautiously optimistic. I use the

owned businesses in 2017 compared to
word “cautiously” because during my

2016. The Trump Administration also
years and experience in politics, I have

helped launch the Women
learned that you always work as if you
Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative
are the underdog— and you do it
which could leverage more than $1
with humility. These people who are
billion to support women
saying “oh we are going to win by
a landslide” should be forewarned.
And on the subject of women,
It is always better to be on the
although the Democrats claim to
other side of that, as Donald Trump
be “the party of women” the
was in 2016, before being elected.
president and his administration
Hillary Clinton and her party were
show that the Republican Party is
so sure they had it in the bag, that
truly the party of women. Just take a
they had the party planned before
look at some of these important
election day!
presidential appointees: Sarah Sanders,
On a positive note, President
the first White House press secretary
Trump— working together with the
to be a mother; Kellyanne Conway, the
Republican Party— has accomplished
first woman to run a successful
many good things for our country
presidential campaign; Elaine Chao,
during the last two and half years.
the U.S. Secretary of Transportation;
Our president has ignited a historic
Betsy DeVos, the U.S. Secretary of
economic boom! Trump growth
Education; Ivanka Trump, advisor to
policies are fostering economic growth
the president; Seema Verma,
and providing opportunities to workers

administrator of the Centers for Medicare
across the country. Over the last four

Medicaid Services; Gina Haspel, the
quarters, our Gross Domestic Product

c h
first female CIA Director; and Mercedes
growth exceeded 3 percent. More than 4.6
Schlapp, the White House strategic communications
million jobs have been created since Trump’s election,
director. continued on page 34
and the unemployment rate remains at 3.7 percent—

M AY / J U N E 2 0 1 9


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