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W H O ’S R I S I N G A N D S I N K I N G I N G E O R G I A B U S I N E S S A N D P O L I T I C S
A historic Savannah site was honored at The Georgia Trust
for Historic Preservation’s 42nd annual Preservation Awards
ceremony. Kehoe Iron Works, once a factory that played
a key role in Savannah’s manufacturing industry, has been
transformed into an 8,000 square foot event space with gorgeous views of the Savannah River, while retaining its historic value. The Iron Works was the recipient of
the Marguerite Williams Award, presented to the project that has had the greatest impact on preservation in the
state. For managing to restore and revitalize one of
Georgia’s most historic buildings, lead architect Kevin
Rose and his team have Savannah’s ship Rising…
Atlanta City Councilman J.P. Matzigheit is fed up with
traffic— and wants commuters to pay. The councilman
has commissioned a study to look at creating something
similar to a “congestion fee” like those seen in London and
New York, where those who live outside the city must pay
a toll when they cross a certain street in the Buckhead and
Midtown areas. However Atlanta doesn’t quite have the
transit options of those other cities, so forcing countless
Georgians to pay an extra tax just to commute to work
seems like solution that is Drifting …
A truly epic Masters weekend was capped off by crowd
favorite Tiger Woods taking home his fifth Green Jacket,
winning his first major championship in more than a
decade. Coinciding with the golf tournament was the 59th
annual Red Carpet Tour hosted by the Georgia
Chamber and the Department of Economic
Development, which showcases the state’s thriving business environment to dozens of national and international
business leaders. The tour, which has generated over $3.2
billion for the state, is capped off by a trip to Augusta
National for the Masters— the combination of the two
events has both Augusta and the entire state Rising…
The American Road and Transportation Builders
Association ranks the Peach State 5th best for overall
percentage of structurally deficient bridges, and its total
of 494 is down from 622 in 2014. The bad? The study
shows Georgia has more than 13,000 bridges in need of
repair, and of the ones deemed structurally deficient
some are pretty major— including one on I-75 in Cobb
over Sope Creek that sees more than 225,000 crossings
per day. So good on authorities for working to repair and
maintain the state’s transportation infrastructure, but
with work to do Georgia’s bridges are Drifting …
Longtime host of The Georgia Gang Dick Williams
announced his retirement from the political talk show on
WAGA-TV, with his final appearance in March. Williams
is the last original member of the long-running show,
which will be hosted by Lori Geary going forward. The
Gang honored him with a special episode highlighting
Williams’ near-40 year career on air— as he sets sail for
retirement his ship is surely Rising…
If you missed the debut of the Alliance of American
Football and its Atlanta franchise, the Legends, don’t
worry— you didn’t miss much. Just eight games into the
league’s inaugural season it has suspended operations,
and is unlikely to ever pick them back up. The idea of
spring football in the former Turner Field seemed fun,
but between poor quality of play, disastrous operations,
and low viewership, the Legends are joining the
Thrashers, Flames, and Force in Atlanta sports heaven
(hell?)— their ship is Sunk…
Atlanta’s skyline is about to get a major new addition.
The Signia Hilton hotel is slated for construction later
this year on the site of the old Georgia Dome, hosting
1,000 rooms and 75,000 square feet of meeting space in
its 30 stories. The hotel would be connected to the
Georgia World Congress Center, and play a key role
in the GWCCA’s 2020 Vision master plan. Some major
upgrades are in the GWCCA’s future, and with the Signia
Atlanta as its new crown jewel its ship is Rising…
By a vote of 33 to 19, Senate Republicans approved a resolution authored by Sen. Brandon Beach asking the U.S.
Congress to condemn the socialist New Green Deal
introduced by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y.
Proponents wanted to get Democrats “on the record” to
see which ones like the socialist proposal that eliminates
gas-powered vehicles, including airplanes, and mandates
a costly, radical expansion of emissions-free public transportation. Among the “No’s” were Sens. Jen Jordan,
Nan Orrock and Nikema Williams (also chairwoman
of the state Democratic Party). In Georgia, the Green New
Deal just Sank…
As first reported by the Atlanta Journal Constitution, over
the past four months more than 40 million (!) gallons of
untreated sewage have spilled into waterways in Fulton
County due to its outdated and in parts crumbling sewer
system. The county has already been forced to pay more
than $150,000 in penalties for the spills, with more fines
expected. The county is currently in the midst of a $500
million+ sewer line project that will hopefully alleviate some
of the problem, but with no short term solution in site the
county’s public works department is Sinking…
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