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James Magazine’s spotlight on “inuential Georgia attorneys” considers not just expertise in
court— some may not step foot in a courtroom— but activity inuencing the court of public
opinion. This listing evaluates lawyers who may or may not serve powerful clients but who shape
public or private policies— sometimes behind the scenes— in the interconnected and fascinating
world of the law, business and politics. So please don’t confuse this list with the usual “super
lawyer” roster of Peach State attorneys who are tops in their areas of litigation or deal making.
There are many ne attorneys laboring in Georgia’s
executive branch of government but perhaps the most
important is Gov. Brian Kemp’s executive counsel David Dove. He is an
Athens native, a Marietta resident and
a proud “Double Dawg,” earning both
his political science as well as law
degree from the University of Georgia.
Prior to his appointment, Dove worked
as a lawyer for the Robbins rm where he was a
founding member of Robbins Government Relations.
Candace Broce is the governor’s deputy general counsel as well as communications director.
Former Gov. Nathan Deal (a former prosecutor
and judge) reshaped the judiciary with his appointments and Kemp intends to continue that legacy by
selecting additional conservative constitutionalist
judges. Kemp receives recommendations from his 25-
member Judicial Nominating Committee co-chaired by
Mark Middleton, Vincent Russo and
Shannon Wallace. Middleton served
as counsel at Gilbert, Harrell,
Sumerford & Martin, Russo is a partner in the Robbins rm and Wallace is
the Blue Ridge Circuit district attorney.
Other JNC members are Atlanta
attorney Neera Bahl of One Path Legal; former Atlanta
state representative and attorney Beth
Beskin; Supreme Court Justice
Michael Boggs; Derek Bottoms (a surprise pick, since he’s the husband of
Atlanta’s Democratic mayor); Marietta
attorney Lance Cooper; Eastern
Judicial Circuit District Attorney Meg
Heap; Robert Highsmith of Holland & Knight; Athens
attorney Drew Hill; Anne Kaufold-Wiggins of Balch &
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