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Bobby Jones Goes to Luxembourg
Georgia golfing great Bobby Jones once said: “Friends
(Savannah), and promote business. Those goals were
are a man’s greatest treasure and a life filled with friendachieved, and the Peach State has been promoting busiship is rich, indeed.” It’s always gratifying to connect
ness ever since. That’s why it’s commendable, as Patrick
friends to make wonderful things happen. One such
Hickey reports, that the Georgia Historical Society creatoccurrence involves two friends who are part of the
ed a Business History Initiative to honor the economic
James magazine family.
and cultural influence that companies have had on our
Atlanta attorney and now U.S. ambassador to
state, nation and even the world.
Luxembourg Randy Evans has been writing politics and
Agriculture is well-known as the state’s largest busilaw columns for years. A newer columnist is Dr. Bob
ness, and who better to write about its important role—
Jones IV, grandson of Bobby Jones, a clinical sport psyas well as the setback it suffered during Hurricane
chologist at the Behavioral Institute of
Michael— than Agriculture
Atlanta in Sandy Springs, and president of
Commissioner Gary Black. But did you
Jonesheirs Inc., the commercial and chariknow a lesser-known but thriving industable home of the Bobby Jones family.
try is the growth of sports in the state’s
Evans and his wife, Linda, wanted to
capital city? Dan Corso and Marshall
decorate the ceremonial office of the
Guest tell the story.
embassy with Georgia-related art so who
Community Improvement Districts
better to include, they thought, than the
are self-taxing, public-private partnerships
late golf champion and Augusta National
that attract economic investment, jobs
Golf Club “president-in-perpetuity” Bobby
and residents. My interview with Ann
Jones? At the urging of the ambassador, I
Hanlon underscores the success of two
connected him to Dr. Jones who was
districts in the bustling Perimeter area of
deeply honored by the request. After conFulton and DeKalb counties. As for our
Dr. Bob Jones IV (left) with Ambassador
sulting with the entire Jones family, the
CEO Spotlight, it shines on Jim Croy and
Randy Evans & Bobby Jones portrait.
family suggested a replica of a portrait of
his company’s impressive record of engitheir grandfather that was commissioned around 1925 for
neering projects. And when it comes to successful urban
the Atlanta Athletic Club by furniture magnate J.J.
planning, Baker Owens writes about the city of Sandy
Haverty. For many years, when the club was at East Lake
Springs with its privatization-of-services model and the
it was displayed in the clubhouse living room. Now, it is
unveiling of its City Springs downtown center.
the prominent feature of the club foyer in Johns Creek.
This issue comes out just before Election Day on
The artist is Waymon Adams, a student of James
Nov. 6th. But that doesn’t stop Matt Towery from opinMontgomery Flagg. (Flagg, for World War I history buffs, is
ing on the state of electoral polling. Cobb County DA Vic
the artist who created the “Uncle Sam Wants You” poster.)
Reynolds calls for a political response to the criminal
Life takes interesting turns. In this case, two James
gang crisis. And cybersecurity is always a hot
columnists bringing a taste of Georgia— and, specificalpolitical/business topic, so cyber guru John Adams’ colly, Georgia golf— to a faraway European land of wine
umn is a “must-read.”
and castles.
Finally, along with bringing you these important topics, the staff of James wishes our valued readers a merry
Special Notes on this Business Issue—
Christmas, happy Hanukkah and a prosperous new year.
It was in 1733 when James Oglethorpe (for whom this
magazine is named) founded the British colony of
Georgia. His main goals: Establish a port of commerce
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