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International SOS | 30 Year Anniversary
The Challenges Continue
Recent years have seen continued
disasters, diseases and security threats.
Here are just a few:
2008: Mumbai terror attacks
2010: Iceland volcano
We dealt with 3,000 calls. One was from a man in
the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, where the terrorists
were shooting people in their rooms. He was
advised to leave his room immediately. He survived.
The occupants of the two rooms on either side of
his were not so lucky.
With European airspace locked down for six days,
our London and Paris Assistance Centres received
65% more calls than usual.
2009: Another bombing in Jakarta
International SOS and Control Risks helped nearly
200 individuals from over 40 multinational
organisations. We evacuated eight victims to
Singapore for medical treatment and repatriated
the mortal remains of four more.
2009: Swine Flu H1N1
The outbreak was not as serious as everyone at first
feared. But only time tells that. We had to prepare
for the worst from the start.
2010: Haiti earthquake
We dealt with 90 evacuations, 3,000 Assistance
Centre calls, and helped hundreds find their way
out of the country.
Smoke rises from the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel after the
terrorist attack in Mumbai, India, 27 November 2008.
Credit: Corbis
2011: This was perhaps our most
difficult year so far with an
extraordinary combination of events:

The Arab Spring began in Tunisia, and moved
to Egypt and Libya. We handled more than
3,000 evacuations.
The Christchurch earthquake.
The Japanese earthquake and tsunami
which triggered the Fukushima nuclear
meltdown. Again we had to demonstrate
specialist knowledge – advising clients
on both the immediate and long term risks
posed by the power plant.
These were all very different situations requiring
constant action and prioritisation. Our teams worked
solidly for six months and yet again showed that we
really can meet every challenge that comes our way.


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