IntlSOS 30 Years - From East to West - Page 103

January 2011
Airport bombing in
Moscow, Russia
November 2013
Unrest began
in Ukraine
July 2014
MH17 passenger jet
shot down in Ukraine
March 2011 onwards
Civil unrest and
conflict in Syria
July 2014
Conflict in Israel
/ Gaza
July 2014
Insurgency in
Northern Iraq
February &
March 2011
Protests in Bahrain
December 2013
Coup in South Sudan
December 2004
Earthquake and
tsunami, Indian Ocean
September 2013
Terrorist attack in
Nairobi, Kenya
September 2010
Riots in Mozambique
February 2014
Floods in
November 2008
Terrorist attacks in
Mumbai, India
January – August
Tension on the
Korean Peninsula
September 2014
Protests in
Hong Kong
March 2011
Earthquake and
tsunami in Japan
October 2013 –
May 2014
Unrest and coup
in Thailand
October 2011
Floods in Bangkok
November 2013
Typhoon Haiyan
in Philippines
January 2013
Flooding in Indonesia
August 2003,
September 2004
& July 2009
Terrorist attack in
Jakarta, Indonesia
October 2002
Terrorist attack in
Bali, Indonesia
February 2011
Earthquake in
New Zealand


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