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06 Any Time, Any Place | Leading the Way in South Africa
It is always with delight that we look back
on such cases... it can change a destiny.
— Gayle Partridge
Precious Cargo
Every patient is special but inevitably
some cases stay in the memory for
longer. The flight nurses on our Air
Rescue Africa operation recall the
lasting impact of assisting in the
transportation of young babies:
“These little (and sometimes tiny)
beings can send you on an emotional
rollercoaster ride because their
conditions improve rapidly but can
also deteriorate in a heartbeat.”
– Erica Tattersall, Flight Nurse.
“Sometimes the parents are the
most challenging part of a journey.
However, I always try to put myself in
their position and remember how
fragile these little lives are. I try to
remain calm, kind and patient and
focus on the most important priority:
Keeping the baby stable.”
– Sue Beddy, Neonatal Flight Nurse.
“It is always with delight that we look
back on such cases – realising that the
appropriate movement to a centre of
medical excellence can turn tragedies
into triumphs – it can change a destiny.”
– Gayle Partridge, Chief Flight Nurse.
Air ambulance transportation of a baby in Accra, Ghana, 2007.


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