IntlSOS 30 Years - From East to West - Page 118

International SOS | From East to West
Our clients really appreciate
the excellent quality and breadth
of service we provide.
– Dr Roger Farrow
Fact No. 20
Less than 3% of all the
cases we manage require
an air ambulance or any
type of patient movement.
Right and far right:
Air ambulance Lagos
Nigeria 2013 – Learjet 45.
We have developed an excellent capability to
transport patients long distances by scheduled
airlines, even those with complex medical
conditions. For example, we transported a French
patient from Sydney to Paris, with a mechanical life
support device, so he could then undergo a heart
transplant in France. Airlines have come to
recognise our expertise in transporting patients and
several have granted us automatic clearance to
move medical patients on board their aircraft. Some
airlines have even outsourced to us the process of
recommending whether or not a passenger with
medical problems is fit to fly.


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