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06 Any Time, Any Place | Telemedicine
You never know what is going
to happen.
— Adriaan Jacobsz
Fact No. 21
We support 1,000 vessels
with our at-sea and
onshore maritime health
solutions and 3,500 vessels
with our medical supplies.
Response Centre
Doctor (Dr Jean-Samuel
Wartel) checking a
patient’s hands range
of movement,
Singapore, 2014.
Making a difference in practice
A client employee was on board a vessel in the
Kara Sea when he suffered severe abdominal pain.
They were several days from land and any suitable
medical facilities. The medic on board the vessel
was concerned that the patient might have a
perforated gastric ulcer, a life threatening condition,
and initiated a telemedical call with the our London
Response Centre doctor.
The Response Centre doctor performed a
consultation with the medic and patient, streamed by
video including transmission of x-rays, ECG and other
diagnostics. The doctor was able to fully assess the
patient’s clinical status, initiate appropriate treatment
and rule out a serious diagnosis. Having received an
optimal level of telehealth remote care, the patient
recovered and returned to work – a good result for
the patient and also avoiding a highly disruptive
and costly medical transport back to shore.
In another offshore case an employee on an oil
platform in the North Sea sustained a crushing finger
injury. A teleconsultation was held between the
medic on the platform and our London Response
Centre doctor. Digital images of the injury were sent
to the London Response Centre through store and
forward technology. These were forwarded to a Hand
Surgeon at the Royal Aberdeen Infirmary who
concluded that the patient might have a fracture and
tendon injury. An urgent medical transport was
arranged to take the patient to Aberdeen for surgery.
Thanks to receiving the optimal treatment within
just a few hours of the injury, the suffering to the
patient, including the possibility of long term
disability, was minimised.


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