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06 Any Time, Any Place | Our Global Medical Supply Services
Fact No. 22
In 2013, through L.E. West
International, we delivered:
350,928 new medical kits,
166,268 refurbished
medical kits and 4,157,378
pharmaceutical shipments.
We ensure
clients have
an end-to-end
solution, by
integrating our
medical supply
services into
all our core
Our Global Medical
Supply Services
Providing the right medication at the right time
to our clinics is obviously essential, but in some
locations this can be a challenge. As we saw in
Globalisation and Growth, our South African team
put a lot of effort into ensuring supplies reach
different parts of Africa, whilst MedAire ensures
the right supplies are available in the air and at sea.
Equally, our medical teams in remote locations need
to know exactly what has been supplied and that
they can trust it. This is particularly so when treating
patients remotely using telemedicine. Knowing
exactly what has been supplied can save critical
time in an emergency.
Being in full control of all drug and equipment
supplies means we can provide an end-to-end
integrated service. In 2011 we acquired SMI’s
medical supplies division and also L.E. West Limited
– the leading supplier of pharmaceuticals, medical
equipment and first aid supplies worldwide. Through
a combination of organic growth and further
acquisitions we created a global network of fulfilment
centres to assemble and deliver bespoke medical
kits and medical equipment for our aviation,
maritime, oil and gas and government clients.
supplies, ensuring they are transported at the right
temperature throughout the supply chain, complying
with national regulations as the goods cross borders
and maintaining quality control and traceability.
Philippe Huinck:
“We ensure clients have an end-to-end solution,
by integrating our medical supply services into
all our core offerings.”
“It can be very exciting, needing to source
urgent medical supplies within a short time
frame. We can often receive a critical request
from a remote clinic for a number of medical
items that are required quickly, which can
range from medicines to large pieces of
equipment – all needing to be bought, picked,
packed and shipped within a tight deadline. It’s
very gratifying knowing we play such a crucial
role in helping the medical professionals on the
ground do their job by providing them with
the medical supplies they need.”
– Medical Supply Services Officer
Supplying medications is not always an easy task.
It involves sourcing high quality cost-effective
— Philippe Huinck
Left: Packing a medical kit,
Sydney office, Australia, 2010.
Right: Medical supplies,
Paris office, France.


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