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International SOS | From East to West
We explored the concept of the
moral and legal duty companies owe
when sending people abroad.
— Greg Tanner
To show our clients what other companies were
doing, we commissioned Professor Dr Claus to
conduct a benchmarking study of 628 companies.
Published in 2011, it found that whilst awareness of
Duty of Care obligations was increasing, companies
differed greatly in the way they addressed such
risks. Again some best practices were suggested.
Sector reports were then produced setting out
the results in more detail. For example, for the
scholastic sector and the global extraction, energy,
engineering and construction industry sector.
We have continued the discussion with clients
through our website on Dialogues on Duty of Care
and its associated blog and webinars, as well as
seminars, breakfasts, articles and executive briefings.
The Duty of Care concept is a responsibility which
we are well positioned to address, and it is now
embedded in our marketing, communications and
other propositions and presentations to clients.
Expatriate and local workers
on an oil drill platform.
Laurent Fourier believes that Duty of Care has been
a key factor in the growth of our preparation and
prevention portfolio, allowing a new expansion
phase for the group, while offering more added
value for our clients. It is clear from client feedback
that we are widely recognised as a thought leader
in this area. He concludes:
“Developing a clear framework and portfolio of
solutions to assist our customers in addressing
their Duty of Care has helped all parties better
understand their responsibilities and what actions
are needed. We are now even better placed
to help customers meet their responsibilities
when sending workers abroad.”
But Duty of Care is not just a European concept:
The legal framework is also recognised in other
regions, including the US and Asia. More and more
people are travelling, in all types of jobs, and more
frequently. Whereas once companies might have
supported their senior managers when travelling
they now realise that the duty applies at all levels.
Greg Tanner, Group General Counsel, points out that
whilst international organisations often understood
their responsibilities when sending employees abroad
for some time, our involvement made a real difference:
“We explored the concept of the moral and
legal duty which companies owe when sending
people abroad and formalised it in a language
that made it easier for businesses to address their
responsibilities. We are helping them do what they
need to do to reduce their risks. We have made
a significant contribution to developments in this
area, for the benefit of employees who travel
and their employers.”
Award Win
The Duty of Care Benchmarking
Survey was declared ‘Best Research
Study of the Year’ as part of the
Expatriate Management and Mobility
Awards for Thought Leadership,
in September 2012.


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