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07 A Broadening Service | Duty of Care
Fact No. 24
Our 2011 global Duty of Care
benchmarking study is the largest
ever commissioned. It surveyed
628 companies across 60 countries.
The International SOS
To research and support the Duty of Care concept,
beyond our own business to a broader audience,
we provided a grant for a foundation to be set up.
The International SOS Foundation was established
in 2012, based in the Netherlands.
The International SOS Foundation is a registered
charity and is a fully independent, non-profit
organisation. It has the goal of, “improving the
safety, security, health and welfare of people working
abroad or on remote assignments through the study,
understanding and mitigation of potential risks”.
The Foundation has produced a number of white
papers providing advice on Duty of Care for
different industries, as well as general advice and
checklists for people working abroad. A website,
regular blogs, a LinkedIn network, webinars and
seminars all support its communications. The
Foundation is the leading repository of Duty
of Care information and materials.
The Foundation works closely with the leading HSE
and occupational health institutions and other
international organisations with interests in this area.
Dr David Gold, previously a Senior Civil Servant with
the ILO, is a senior consultant to the Foundation. He
was instrumental in setting up the Foundation and
in September 2013 helped bring together leading
international health, safety and security experts to
develop a Global Framework.
The Global Framework aims to help organisations
establish travel safety, health and security policies,
allocate roles and responsibilities, plan and
implement procedures and evaluate progress.
Kai Boschmann who manages the Foundation says:
“The Global Framework is another excellent
contribution to awareness and understanding in
this area. It offers organisations practical support
in establishing their policies and procedures on
Duty of Care, so turning the concept into a reality.”
Next, the Foundation works with the Global Road
Safety Partnership (GRSP) to help mitigate the risk
and impact of road accidents faced by business
travellers and expatriates working abroad. Our
experience has shown this to be a major cause of
injury to travellers.
Similar work is carried out in the US by the
International Corporate Health Leadership Council™
(ICHL), a non-profit corporation which we were also
instrumental in establishing. ICHL is a forum where
leaders in corporate health and medical services,
thought leaders, researchers and other stakeholders
can meet, exchange ideas and issue reports. It aims to
help reduce risks, and improve the delivery of health
services to international business travellers, expatriates
(and their families) and employees (in emerging
environments) wherever they may live or work. The
council has produced its first report on ‘Corporate
Health Trends’; this recommends ten health-related
actions for international organisations in supporting
their mobile workers.
Award Win
In October 2014, the Global Framework
won the highly-contested ‘Best
Thought Leadership’ category at the
Forum for Expatriate Management’s
annual EMMA awards in the AsiaPacific region.


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