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07 A Broadening Service | Local Community Projects
Local Community
Extractive industry projects are often in remote
areas in developing countries where health
infrastructure is limited. There is often a lack of clean
water and diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis,
cholera, STIs, HIV and filariasis are endemic and can
quickly spread. Mining companies are increasingly
addressing these problems as part of their CSR and
sustainability commitments. They recognise that
their impact on host communities, and their licence
to operate, are sometimes linked to their delivery of
such sustainable programmes. This is part of what
Dr Myles Neri describes as “a new paradigm in public
private healthcare partnerships”, whereby company
health initiatives are delivered by an experienced
company such as International SOS, in conjunction
with local health authorities.
We have increasingly become involved in
such activities, both as part of our own CSR
commitments (see Supporting Others) and our
service delivery to clients. Our work with Freeport
on malaria control in West Papua has already been
mentioned; the award winning programme with
Freeport in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
(DRC) was another Major Milestone.
Some of the other local community projects we
have worked on with our clients include:
Newcrest PNG: This public health management
programme, established in 1998, includes
mother and child healthcare, plus malaria, HIV,
tuberculosis control, and filariasis and Yaws
eradication programmes.
Working with USAID and partnering with the
Centre for Global Health Security at Chatham
House, London, and the mining industry in the DRC,
we are field testing an Emerging Infectious Diseases
(EID) risk assessment tool kit to help companies
combat EIDs and other disease outbreaks.
Working with Rio Tinto/Newmont in Indonesia
for over ten years, in conjunction with Rotary
International and Interplast Australia, to do
lip and palate repairs and burn/scar revisions
for over 3,000 community members.
Another Rio Tinto project, in the remote jungle area
of central India, is also supported by our medical
team – who work with Rio Tinto to provide highquality health services to the local community.
Working with Freeport and local governments
to establish community health facilities and
hospital services in the Congo and Indonesia.
Dr Myles Neri:
Newmont Ghana: The Integrated Malaria Control
Programme consists of a workforce programme plus
support for a community malaria control programme.
It won the Global Business Coalition Best Workplace
HIV/TB/Malaria programme award in 2010.
Left: Bajna Medical
Centre, India, 2014.
“Our partnership with the extractive industry has
helped us become a world leading medical services
partner. It has also given us the opportunity to
create award winning programmes, thought
leadership and innovation in areas such as baseline
health studies, health impact assessments and
sustainable community health initiatives.”


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