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07 A Broadening Service | Concierge and Lifestyles Services
With Aspire Lifestyles we now have
a world-class offering of products
and services.
— Brian Loo
Aspire Lifestyles
Our premier concierge service did not quite fit
with our International SOS brand. So in 2012 the
enhancement team set out on the rebranding
journey. In April 2013, the Aspire Lifestyles brand
was born – to provide global concierge and benefit
solutions which identify and meet the aspirations
of our clients’ most valued customers.
Fact No. 25
Aspire Lifestyles’ mission is to ‘deliver the
exceptional, without exception’. Its portfolio of
products and services includes airport services,
wellness, security, local and global custom benefits
programme development, experiences and more.
Our clients trust and rely on us to enhance brand
interaction with their most valued consumers,
making them feel important and in turn, increasing
engagement, brand loyalty and advocacy.
Today, Aspire Lifestyles serves over 1,200 clients
and a combined member population of more
than 60 million. Aspire Lifestyles partners with
clients in many industries including financial
institutions, insurance companies, luxury retailers
and premium automotive brands. Calls are handled
by concierge consultants in dedicated Aspire
Lifestyles concierge centres.
Brian Loo: “With Aspire Lifestyles we now have a
world-class offering of products and services
developed specifically for premium client
programmes serving the affluent consumer
segments. We aim to be the number one provider
in this space, with our innovative solutions and
first-class service backed by a global infrastructure
that only an industry leader can provide.”
We have 86 offices
Right: Aspire Lifestyles
Call Centre in Shanghai,
China, 2014.


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