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International SOS | From East to West
‘Client & Market First’ is now deeply embedded in our
Sales and Marketing teams; we have a globally integrated
sales force which gives us a clear competitive advantage.
— Philippe Arnaud
with numerous client information webinars, generating
press coverage around the world, and developed and
launched a free Ebola App. The crisis teams, helped
by our supply service team also organised the
provision of personal protective equipment, whilst our
remote site medical staff have helped set up a number
of fever clinics for clients across West Africa.
We also provided education and information
via our website, webinars, printed materials and
telephone support from our Assistance Centres.
By mid November 2014, our website had more than
600,000 visitors, some 10,000 hits per day. In total
we have handled more than 1700 enquiries and
requests about Ebola.
From left: Hien Dang,
Philippe Arnaud and Kai
Boschmann, in London
office, 2014.
For 60 days we held daily CMT meetings to
co-ordinate our response across our different
functions. The Regional CMT continues to meet
weekly to monitor and review the situation and the
Corporate CMT has convened 20 times on this
subject alone.
Mike Hancock commented: “Since March 2014,
over 250 international SOS staff across four
continents have been involved in supporting our
clients in the fight against Ebola and to create safe
working environments. Where absolutely necessary
they have found evacuation solutions to safe havens
in what has proved a highly complex and fast
changing environment. The passion, commitment,
professionalism and dedication of all those involved
has been outstanding. It is this ‘never give up’
attitude that makes International SOS what it is.”
Sales & Marketing
Sales and marketing in the early days was all about
personal contacts and networks at local levels: Our
small team of people visiting companies, explaining
how we could help them. The nature of our business
meant there was a limit to what we could say about
our satisfied customers; medical cases required
privacy and discretion and we had to respect
corporate confidentiality; relationships with
governments brought additional levels of sensitivity.
In addition, our teams tended to focus on local
activities so there was limited global co-ordination.
As our clients became more global they started to
request a more universal and more sophisticated
approach. The acquisition of International SOS
Assistance, and our change of name, gave us a more
global outlook too. Tim Daniel began building the
foundations of a formal sales and marketing function
and over the years many others contributed to the
process. In 2009 Philippe Arnaud created a longterm strategy called ‘Client & Market First,’ with
nine strategic initiatives, moving our regional
management teams even further towards a globally
aligned approach. These initiatives were supported
by increased investment in sales and marketing.


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