IntlSOS 30 Years - From East to West - Page 163

08 Developing a Global Infrastructure | A Professional Approach
Marketing team meeting,
London, UK, 2013.
In the years following the acquisition of International
SOS Assistance our sales had grown ten-fold. As we
moved to a leadership position our proposition also
moved from selling specific services to becoming
consultants and advisors to our clients – helping them
identify the right solutions to their international
healthcare and security issues. To achieve this we
built a bigger and more sophisticated sales team
around the world, supported by extensive sales
training, and Philippe pioneered a talent management
programme to foster career transfers between the
regions. Our customer relationship management
software also helped create a more structured
approach to communicating with our clients.
We organised ourselves to put our clients’ needs
at the heart of the organisation: Our ‘Client First’
approach. We began by segmenting key markets
into groups (such as energy, mining, infrastructure,
corporate, aviation, government, etc.) to ensure a
more focused service. For some clients, we created
a global account management structure to mirror
their complex organisations.
We listened to the market trends (‘Market First’),
and, helped by our branding strategy, worked at
ensuring a consistent offering to our global clients.
This led to our ‘Productisation’ and ‘Going Digital’
strategic initiatives. We also launched a number of
key global distribution initiatives, one of which aims
to build on our strategic alliance with Control Risks.
Our relationship with the insurance industries has
always been important to us. As we have seen, in the
early days, bundling our services into insurance
policies for travellers was a key part of our business,
as was partnering with the insurance industry in
serving the needs of our common corporate clients.
These relationships remain important to us and we
have developed global distribution initiatives to
make the most of our insurance partnerships and
to establish a referral programme with travel
management companies. Another global distribution
initiative is ‘cross-border cooperation.’ This has
helped move us from being a series of individual
national sales and marketing teams, to a harmonised
global team of people who constantly communicate
across countries.
‘Client & Market First’ is now deeply embedded in
our sales and marketing teams; we have a globally
integrated sales force which gives us a clear
competitive advantage.
Philippe Arnaud: “Everyone has worked hard to
implement these innovations and transformational
strategies into our daily way of working, everywhere
in the world. Many of the ‘Client & Market First’
strategic initiatives have become the mindset of our
sales and marketing staff. I thoroughly enjoy careermanaging our sales and marketing talents,
mobilising them to implement these strategies and
motivating them to be passionate like me about our
business and its growth.”


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